18 Struggles Of Having An Outgoing Personality But Actually Being Shy And Introverted

A frighteningly accurate description of me ! Great post for those of us who are ‘selectively social’ 🙂

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This… this is my soul song, people. This is my Vietnam.

1. You’re not anti-social, you’re selectively social.

2. At any given point, you have one (maybe two) best friends who are your entire life. You’re not a “group of friends” person. You can’t keep up with all that.

3. Social gatherings that are supposed to be “rites of passage” like prom and dances and other such typical nonsense is just… not for you. You don’t understand it. You want nothing to do with it.

4. When you do choose to grace a party with your presence, you are the life of it. You’re dancing on the table and doing body shots until 3 a.m.

5. … You then retreat into three days of complete solitude to recover.

6. You go out of your way to avoid people, but when you inevitably have to interact with them, you make it…

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Disney Princess Collectables

Apologies for the lack of writing ! God knows who I’m apologising to as I think this blog gets something like 10 views a day ?! And that’s if I’m lucky ! But, anyway, for the sake of blog mannerisms….I apologise ! I’ve had a tiny case of writers block, not to mention the amount of hours I’ve been doing at work lately… Luckily some ideas have come flooding back to me and I’ll be working on them soon.

For now, I just wanted to share with you some of my favourite Disney Princess Figurines from the Disney Store 🙂 Not everyone’s cup of tea I know, but I’ve been a bit Disney-obsessed lately (more than usual), and it IS my birthday real soon, so, you know, just throwing it out there….you can never go wrong with something Disney Princess themed when it comes to me 😀 I will probably show this post to my boyfriend, just so he can correct it for grammatical mistakes and stuff….I have no other ulterior motive in doing this….

1. Disney Haute-Couture 


So these 4 figures are part of the Disney Showcase Haute-Couture Collection. They are very artistic, quite modern, fashion-forward figurines. The detail on of them is beautiful ! I especially love the back of Aurora’s dress with all the flowers trailing down ! In fact, despite being a fierce Belle lover, Aurora is probably my favourite in this collection. I absolutely adore the colour clash between the pink and blue of her dress, just like in the film ! As always, the faces are SLIGHTLY creepy (except for Belle, Belle is beautiful), but at £45 each, I think they are a valuable part of anyones collection 🙂 This Collection also did a Disney Villains line which I actually think are much more detailed and much more true to character, especially the Maleficent one, but I think if I woke up in the middle of the night and saw Cruella de Vil scowling at me I’d probably have a fit.

2. Disney Showcase Figurines


These two are part of the original Disney Showcase Collection. As much as I love Ariel, I’m not too fond of this figurine’s hair…looks like she got a bit too excited buying beads from a Gypsy’s caravan. Rapunzel however is gorgeous ! I love Rapunzel anyway, but her hair here is simply FABULOUS ! Her face is actually quite pretty too. These are also £45 each, so, you know, not too much to ask for…

3. Disney Figurines by Jim Shore



Belle. Just Belle. Not much else to say really. Belle is clearly the best. Rapunzel is creepy. And Cinderella is basically holding vermin. Saying that, her dress is really really gorgeous….. Belle retails at £18 whilst the other two are £35, so, again, not exactly breaking the bank with these are we. The rose detailing around Belle and Cinderella’s platforms is simply stunning. It’s hard to believe you can get something so beautiful at such a good price really. Mind you I’ve never actually seen them in person. They could just be tacky crap. And what is Belle holding exactly ? Is it a book ? A bunch of roses ? A book with a bunch of roses emerging from the pages ?! Christ knows. Still, I love it !

4. Disney NAO by Ladro  



Okay so the Ladro Disney figurines are by far my absolute favourite. My Grandma was a big collector of Ladro so I’ve grown up with a certain fondness for Ladro figurines, and these Disney ones are no exception. They’re so graceful and elegant. I absolute adore all 4 of them ! Snow White and Aurora are my favourites though, but at £139 each, I think I will probably be waiting a long time for one of these beauties….


So there we go ! Only a short, simple post I know, but they’re too beautiful not to share 🙂 Look out for coming posts ! Which shall be much longer, more detailed, and far more interesting !


All pictures taken from www.disneystore.co.uk 

Bonjour !

Hello to everyone who may or may not be reading this blog ! My name is Katie Mcloughlin and I am a self-confessed obsessor, daydreamer, tea-drinker, and book-lover.

I studied English Literature at Cardiff University as an undergraduate subject for my BA, and then took my love of books further by studying the same subject for my postgraduate Masters degree. After four years of solid reading, analysing, and writing pages and pages of fairly intellectual and academic thought, you would think that writing a blog would come easy to me. However, this blog is not only intended to share with you all the things in this world that I find quirky and interesting, but it will also allow me to develop and cultivate my writing skills. After all, what good is doing English Literature at University if I don’t intend to do something with it? In fact, one of the things that I would most love to become is either a magazine journalist, or an editor (or a fashion buyer….I wouldn’t be disappointed with either!)

Yet, sadly, my writing skills, despite my literature background, are lacking; unfortunately, I am rather used to writing in a very academic, coldly blunt, straightforward manner. Unlike one of my closest friends Olivia, who started her own cooking blog (oliviasbuns.blogspot.com), I am regrettably unable to write in a tone that inspires fun and laughter whilst also arousing interest.

Hopefully, what may start out as the typical, uninspiring musings of an average 22 year old with a penchant for books and cats, will eventually develop into a beautiful, fun, delightfully different place where you can come to be entertained and inspired.

So, to ironically use a phrase that I normally detest, ‘watch this space’ . This blog will mainly be dedicated to anything that I like or simply find interesting – I thought about having a ‘niche’ kind of blog but I love too many things to do that ! So yeah, I will just be posting about whatever takes my fancy, little ‘curiosities’, if you will 🙂 If you have any ‘curiosities’, please share them, and I will do some research and post my findings and opinions back here !

Hope you enjoy reading all the wonderful posts to come, but if you don’t, or if no one actually reads it, I can always blog-stalk myself. 🙂 xx