The Miracle Skincare Brand

So a few weeks ago I shared some of my own personal make up tips with you, and one of those tips was to always take great care of your skin. This is still true, but FORGET the products I recommended ! Okay well don’t forget about them completely, they’re still good products that do the job well, but I have found the PERFECT skincare products !

I’ve never really had a proper skin care routine. Hypocritical of me, yes I know. But I admit it – I would just moisturise every now and again, exfoliate every now and again, and cleanse every now and again. Shameful ! It doesn’t help that I’m an impatient person – I like to see results immediately ! Sometimes we start out with good intentions of washing our face daily, exfoliating, toning, and moisturising only to give up after a week or so when our face doesn’t start glowing like Jennifer Lawrence’s. I’m SO guilty of that – I’ll wake up one day, look in the mirror, or see a photo of me on a night out, and start frantically panicking about how dull my skin looks and how dark the shadows under my eyes are. Henceforth, I will more or less drink my own weight in water and ritually scrub my face in the shower every day and night. Then, once a week has passed, you’ll either find me back on the sweet sweet drug we call Diet Coke, or drunkenly collapsing on my bed with a face full of make up whilst my trusty facial wipes lay forgotten on the bedside table. Then, in another week, I’m flapping about my dull skin. It’s a painful cycle that never seems to end ! Until now.

So, not long ago, whilst satisfying my shopping addiction with my weekly trip to John Lewis, I happened to chance upon the Liz Earle counter in the beauty department. I vaguely remembered my mum going on about something with a similar sounding name a few weeks back, and, having absolutely no regard for the very little amount of money which sits in my bank, bought the recommended Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser without question. It came in a nice limited edition tin that also included two cotton cloths…how could I say no ?! Well, I am SO SO SO glad I didn’t as it is probably one of the best products I have ever purchased. I used it as soon as I got home as I had a particularly nasty acne rash on my cheeks (which I often get as I used to have a bit of acne when I was younger) and I wanted it to be dead and gone in time for my friends 21st on Saturday night. Honestly now, I’m not lying, it had literally VANISHED within a matter of days. I have been using it for over a week  now and my skin is looking the best that it’s been in a long time. Having decided I was perfectly satisfied with my purchase, and thus desiring to extend my Liz Earle collection, I yesterday purchased the Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic, the Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser, the Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator, and the Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate. 

Although I’ve only used them altogether the once so far, I can see this being a skin routine that I most certainly will stick to. It’s an absolute pleasure to use these products as the smell is great, they glide on smoothly, and they leave your skin feeling super soft and super cleansed. The products themselves aren’t overly expensive either (well, I get 25% staff discount at John Lewis so WIN!), but I don’t think you can put a price on a good cleanser or moisturiser – you wouldn’t use crap to clean your teeth so don’t use crap to clean your face !! I’ll show you the products in detail so then you’ll be one more step towards becoming as obsessed with them as I am ! 

1.  Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser 

So this is my first Liz Earle purchase, yay ! It’s a very important product to have as part of your skin care routine as you’re supposed to use it before anything else. This one comes in a limited edition tin to celebrate 150 years at John Lewis so, you know, you’re not just getting a nice cleanser, but a pretty box too ! The product has won over 100 beauty awards so you know it’s good stuff ! The first thing you do when using this cleanser is fill a basin with warm water (or do it whilst in the shower!) soak one of the muslin cloths in it, and then wring it out so it’s damp rather than wet. Afterwards, apply 1 pump of the product into your hands (the box says 2 pumps but I think this is too much) and use your fingertips to lightly massage all over your face. The product has a creamy texture and a tea tree oil-like scent (basically eucalyptus) so it should glide onto your face easy enough. Once you’ve done this, take your damp cloth and gently wipe all traces of the cream off, splash a bit of water on your face, then pat dry ! Seriously, this stuff literally takes ALL your make up off your face, and I mean ALL. Any traces of mascara, foundation, eyeliner etc are completely wiped out (little pun there incase it goes over your head). It leaves you with a totally bare face which is brilliant as your face literally becomes a clean canvas upon which you can start putting on make up 😀 RRP £19.75 

2. Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator

After you’ve cleansed and polished your beautiful face, it’s time for exfoliation ! Once upon a time, it was typically recommended that you only exfoliate your face once a week, if that, as the rough texture of it would strip away all the natural oils in your skin and leave it feeling and/or looking raw. These days though, many exfoliators are much lighter and much more gentle meaning you can use them daily ! This Liz Earle one recommends that you use it as often as you need to 😀 I used it for the first time last night and it left my skin feeling ridiculously smooth – I know I said the cleanse & polish left it feeling smooth but this one is like DOUBLE smooth ! You can literally glide your finger across your skin afterwards and it just feels like silk. Seriously. Exfoliator is a good product to have and use because it strips away all your dead skin cells and exposes the nice, clean, glowing skin you have underneath. It’s also great for clearing up blackheads and blocked pores. Disgusting yes but we all have them !! Just gently massage the product onto your face (it feels like you’re rolling beads all over your skin. In fact, I think they are jojoba beads….) then rinse off 🙂  RRP £14.50

3. Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic


We all cleansed, polished, and exfoliated then ? Right, so the next step is to tone your skin and remove any particularly stubborn traces of dirt or make up which may clog your pores up again. Spritz a generous amount of the tonic onto a cotton wool pad and lightly wipe all over your face, concentrating on your forehead, nose, and eyes. Keep doing this, using as many cotton pads as you need, until there is no more dirt left on the pad. Some toners have a strong, clinical scent to them, but this one is very floral smelling (it genuinely smells like the massage rooms you get in spas), and doesn’t leave your face leaving taut and dry as so many others are prone to do. RRP £13.25

4. Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser

As I stated in my ‘Secret to Flawless Make Up’ post, moisturising is an essential part of any woman’s skincare/make up routine. Finding a good moisturiser that suits your skin type is really difficult. Well, I think so anyway. Personally I like a moisturiser which feels silky and smooth on the skin, but I find that a lot leave your skin feeling very firm and dry which I don’t like. I’ve only used this Liz Earle moisturiser the once but it is absolutely beautiful. I use the normal/combination type instead of the combination/oily. It’s both very soothing and very smoothing (is smoothing a word?!), and full of natural ingredients to protect your skin leaving it refreshed and hydrated. Apply gently onto face and neck after using the skin tonic 🙂 RRP £19.25

5. Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate


The last product, and final piece of your skincare jigsaw, is this absolute gem of a skincare productIt’s basically a facial oil intended to plump and even your skin. It’s a product that must only be used at night time before bed as not only does it work over night as you sleep, but the aroma is also so soothing and relaxing, sends you right off ! It’s a rollerball application but rather than roll it all over your face, you should roll a small bit in your hand, warm between your palms, inhale the scent, then smooth onto your skin. It recommends that you apply it before you moisturise, but I actually think that adding moisturiser on top is too much. Instead, I would only apply the moisturiser in the mornings and then only apply this oil in the night, not both (of course, always do the first three steps!). RRP £20.00


So there we go – my Liz Earle skincare routine ! What I really love about this brand, aside from the fact their products are absolute miracle workers, is their dedication to using all botanical and natural ingredients. Nothing is better for your skin than natural extracts. They also NEVER test on animals ! As I’ve been researching more into the Liz Earle skincare range, I’ve discovered that they also do hair and beauty products…YES ! Will definitely give these a try and let you know my results and opinions 🙂 Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this, and let me know if it’s inspired you to try any Liz Earle products yourself and what you thought of them !


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