A Girl and her Disney Dolls

For all you Disney lovers out there, this post will be more welcome than Mickey Mouse himself turning up on your doorstep with a large chocolate cake baked with magic, love, and a little bit of pixie dust. Okay maybe not (although personally if this happened to me I would call Scotland Yard immediately). Regardless, fans of Disney, especially collectors, will understand why I find the Disney’s Limited Edition Dolls such a wonderful curiosity.

Not only was starting my Limited Edition Doll collection the inspiration for creating this blog, but I just find them so beautiful and oddly compelling. To most people, these things are just dolls – children’s play things that you either ripped the heads off or cherished for the entirety of your youth; either way, you eventually threw them aside in favour of growing up. However, these dolls are not something you play with. If you rip the head off one of these things, you will probably hear the sound of thousands of collectors’ hearts breaking, not to mention the anguished cries of hungry eBayers who could have sold it for thrice the price. Honestly, some of these dolls, are worth hundreds, some even thousands. And I mean thousands. Shocking right ? But whilst the dolls themselves usually retail at £60 each, it is not hard to see why their value rapidly increases once that ‘Sold Out’ button appears; the detail that goes into creating these dolls and bringing them to life is breathtaking, especially if you are a lover of Disney (as I am…did I mention that?) Also, these dolls are fairly big, standing at 17 inches tall as opposed to the usual 12 inches that dolls typically are. The size of them allows for the intricate, gorgeous detail that perfectly replicates their moving counterparts.

I will be writing future posts related to various Limited Edition Disney Dolls, but the first doll I want to look at is the beautiful Anna from Disney’s latest movie, Frozen. If you haven’t yet seen Frozen, then I advise you do so immediately. It will warm even the most frozen of hearts.


This is the second Limited Edition Anna doll to be released and she is one of 5000 – there was another released previously in November along with an LE Doll of her sister, Elsa, both one of 2500. The second was released March this year, again with her sororal counterpart. Unfortunately, I was unable to purchase the March version of Elsa, despite being up well before they went on sale at 8am and waiting patiently in front of my MacBook, refreshing the Disney Store webpage every 10 seconds. Of course, both dolls sold out in seconds (rumour has it they sold out before they even went on sale to the general public thanks to yet another Disney Store screw up), but luck was on my side that day, and before I even knew how I’d managed to do it, I had secured myself an Anna doll with an email confirmation and a receipt to prove it. The day the courier knocked my door and handed me my parcel was just like reliving Christmas morning all over again. 5 minutes later, after carefully removing her from her cardboard confines, I knew that this doll was a definite keepsake. As most collectors will know, all four of the Frozen dolls are among the most valuable of all the LE Disney Dolls, though this particular Anna seems to be the least popular out of the four. Personally, however, I find her to be the most beautiful. Let me show you why 🙂


Here she is in her box. Some collectors, not all, seem to prefer deboxing their dolls and displaying them on the stand that they come with. However, I consider this a cardinal sin ! Not only does removing them from their box decrease their value should you ever plan on selling them, but it is a waste of a box that is almost as beautiful as the doll itself.

The beautifully detailed box, individually styled to each doll, shows the name of the princess written in detailed font along with her edition size, and the background on the inside of the box against which the doll is set is stunning (and, again, is uniquely crafted to each doll).


The back of the box is just as detailed as the front, if not more, for the back displays a short blurb about the doll and what her costume is made out of, as well as a silhouette version of Anna (which also appears on the November edition), and the name of the movie:

IMG_0022 IMG_0019IMG_0020

Here she is without her plastic coverings – whilst the entire box is no doubt beautiful, I think you can only truly appreciate the true exquisiteness of this doll when she is like this:

IMG_0018 IMG_0001 IMG_0002

As you can see, her auburn hair with the one white strand is braided into two separate plaits, and she has a lovely smattering of freckles over her nose and cheeks, just like she does in the movie itself 🙂


However, one of my favourite things about this doll is her adorable little mittens ! They are a bright sky blue colour, and are adorned with little diamantes. They look so cosy….I wonder if they’d fit my cat….? The same goes for her little booties (cats can wear boots right….Puss in Boots?!) It’s such a refreshing change to see a Disney Princess wearing boots instead of those fragile, sparkling heels they usually have:


She also wears her signature pink cape (the box says it’s burgundy but let’s be honest, it’s clearly pink), which is embroidered with little gem stones, lace detailing, and tassels, finished off with a metal, heart shaped fastening. I would actually love one of these capes for myself. I’ve always wanted a cape, especially for winter, but the looks I imagine I would get slighty puts me off such an idea…. The cape is only an accessory to her beautiful silk shirt and velvet bodice which is also decorated with tiny gems and lace embroidery, matched also with her blue velvet skirt which follows the same intricate patterned detailing:

IMG_0003 IMG_0006 IMG_0011

However, what I love most about this doll is her charming little pink fur bonnet ! Because even princesses get cold heads sometimes.


As you can hopefully now see for yourself, this Anna doll perfectly captures the Anna we come to know and love throughout Frozen – I think this is why I believe this doll to be the most beautiful out of all four Frozen LE dolls; she is the most colourful, and is full of the personality that endears us to Anna. Like I said, if you haven’t seen Frozen…..DO SO NOW !



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